Myndaniðurstaða fyrir puzzleWhat is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a personal experience that focuses to a varied extent on emotions, bodily sensations, thoughts  and behaviour, depending on the orientation of the therapist as humanistic (me), psychodynamic, cognitive and/or behavioral. It rests on a good therapeutic alliance between the client and the therapist, safe boundaries, confidentiality and commitment to the welfare of the client. From my perspective it is a process, a journey where both partners are active, knowledgeable and responsible and where both change, and are affected by the other. An open mind, honesty, acceptance and kindness towards self support the process. Psychotherapy can be long or short depending on the nature of the problem, the client´s interests and financial resources.

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Psychotherapy is for those

who experience difficulties in their lives because of current conditions or from unresolved hurtful experiences in the past. But one does not need to experience a problem to work with a psychotherapist. Curiosity and a desire to further develop and grow, to deepen contact with one self and others, are good enough reasons.

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